AWS Migration Portfolio Assessment

AWS Migration Portfolio Assessment (MPA) is a web application that simplifies the assessment process of the on-premises portfolio in preparation for the migration to AWS. It can be used in the early stages of migration to compare current on-premises costs against the potential cost savings of moving to AWS, or with high fidelity data to create a detailed business case and migration plan.

Portfolio assessment is the discovery, identification, classification and grouping of on-premises compute infrastructure by application in order to determine the feasibility, effort, cost, tools and resources, all leading to a Migration Effort Analysis and Migration Priority Pipeline that can guide the customer in planning their migration to Amazon Web Services.

In the current version, MPA consolidates the portfolio data in one place, helps in migration planning and provides the information required for validating the migration business case: EC2 recommendations, OnPremises cost estimation and equivalent AWS cost estimation, migration strategy and migration project cost.

The workshop is divided into following modules:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Import Data
  3. Create Dashboard
  4. Migration Cost Estimation
  5. Migration Planning

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  1. Understand how to import data into MPA
  2. How to create a dashboard in MPA to visualize resources
  3. How to use MPA to estimate TCO and customize assumptions
  4. How to use MPA for migration planning