Import Data from AWS ADS

  1. To import data from AWS Application Discovery Service, you will need to first provision an IAM role within the customer account which has the following permissions:


    a. Go to AWS Console → IAM → Users. Click Add User Add User

    b. Select Attach existing policies directly → Create Policy.

    c. Create the following policy, name it MPA_ADS.

         "Version": "2012-10-17",
         "Statement": [
                 "Effect": "Allow",
                 "Action": [
                 "Resource": "*"

    d. Back to the Add User wizard, refresh and attach MPA_ADS policy. Add User

    e. Leave rest as default and click Create User.

  2. Once the role has been provisioned, note down the Access Key, Secret Access Key and Region where ADS data is stored. Add User

  3. Go back to MPA page and go to Portfolio → Import → Import from ADS. Fill in the Access Key, Secret Access Key and Region. ADS

  4. Click Import from ADS.