Data Validation Rules

In this module, you will learn how to create a simple validation rule.

MPA has default rules which checks the data for common data issues, and creates quick links to filter and see the specific data which appears to be invalid. Rules can be removed, added, or edited as part of your portfolio to assist in increasing the data quality for your customer.

Default rules can only be disabled.

Data ValidationRule Expanded

You can download a report of the invalid data to share with your customer by clicking Actions → Download report.

Create a Data Validation Rule

In the Action drop down, select Create Rule:

  1. Input Rule configuration as follows:

    1. Rule name: Underutilized Servers
    2. Description: Check for servers that has peak CPU utilization under 5%
    3. Impact: Migration cost
      1. Migration cost: Medium
  2. Clause builder:

    1. for Attribute: select Server.CPU-Average Utilization (%)
    2. Operator: >
    3. Value: 5
  3. Click Validate Rule

  4. If should display Validation passed!, then click Create rule

    The validation rule let you define what is VALID.

    Create Data Validation Rule

  5. We can see our new validation rule Underutilized Servers (custom) Custom Rule

  6. Click on to filter by this validation rule ruleFilter

Now we successfully created a custom validation rule. It is ready to be used for evaluating data collected/uploaded to the MPA. This way, we can automatically identify issues in migration or validate on-premises data.