Customize TCO Assumptions

The goal of this module is to have a quick overview on how to customize assumption to create a TCO report tailored to a specific customer.

Costs are calculated based on the data imported and assumptions. For more detail on individual cost calculations, review the relevant AWS or On-premises page and the associated assumptions.

To modify/customize assumptions:

  1. click Modify assumptions:
  • In General dropdown:

    • Change Refreshment Period (Years) - 2
    • Analysis Duration (Years) - 2
  • In On-premises Server Cost dropdown:

    • Select: Exclude Servers marked as Retire Modify Assumption
  1. click Save and recalculate

  2. you can see the modified cost is much lower compared to before since we shortened the analysis duration and excluded servers marked as retired from our migration plan

    new cost

This summary page also provides detailed Cash Flow Summary on year-to-year basis. Click download on the top right corner to save a copy of the TCO report in Excel.