EC2 Recommendation

The goal of this module is to familiarize with:

  • EC2 Recommendation feature
  • how to exclude type of EC2 being recommended,
  • how to add preferred instance types and
  • how to override recommended EC2 instances

The EC2 Recommendations page shows recommended EC2 instances for each on-premises server. The recommendations include right-sizing based on utilization data imported (or assumed) and payment option based on uptime (server usage %; may be assumed based on environment if imported).

  1. Review the EC2 recommendations by clicking on EC2 Recommendations under TCO → AWS. There are three types of recommendations:
    • Average utilization-based,
    • peak utilization based,
    • on-premises capacity-based.


Peak utilization-based can sometime have outliers, so if possible, use 95th percentile utilization data for peak utilization.

  1. Scroll down to the Details Section, Override the Amazon EC2 recommendations on this page by using the bulk edit functionality. We would like to change Peak utilization of t3a.nano to t3a.medium to ensure enough capacity is planned.

    1. Go to Override EC2 Recommendation at the bottom of the page.
    2. Filter all the instances recommendation by Peak Utilization: = t3a.nano
    3. Set override option: Peak Utilization to t3a.medium
    4. click Update 11 item(s) override
  2. You can use wildchars in Modify assumptions to exclude certain type of instances.

    For example, if you want to exclude burstable ’t’ or AMD types, fill in ^t*, ^+a* in Modify assumptions → AWS Server Recommendation → Do Not Recommend These EC2 Instance Types:


MPA also allows you to override the EC2 instance type for each server by using the EC2 Instance Preferences attribute in Assets → Servers. For more details, refer to page-35 of MPA User Guide