RDS Recommendation

The goal of this module is to have a quick overview on how to enable RDS Recommendation feature.

The RDS Recommendations page shows recommended RDS Instances for each database imported. The recommendations include right-sizing based on database utilization data if imported, then by server utilization (imported or assumed) if database utilization has not been imported. Payment options are based on uptime (server usage %; may be assumed based on environment if imported).

  1. Review the RDS recommendations by go to TCO → AWS → RDS Recommendations.

RDS Recommendation

  1. To enable the feature, checkmark Modify assumptions → enable database recommendations. Set the following:
  • Default Target Database Engine: Aurora MySQL
  • Database Edition: Standard

You can also specify the target database engine by adding that in the databases assets table. Sample

Enable RDS Recommendation

Recommendations for right-sizing is based on target DB engine, edition, and utilization (peak utilization by default) and include all instance and payment types available in the region. This can be changed in assumptions.

  1. Click Save & Recalculate, now you can see updated cost

RDS Recommendation Page

  1. Scroll down to see details of recommended database instances

RDS Recommendation Page

Similar to the EC2 Recommendation, these recommended instances can be manually overwritten.