Relocate VMC

Some customers want to deploy their workloads on AWS, but still want to use VMware. AWS has partnered with VMware to provide VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC), a migration approach known as Relocate.

MPA recognizes as Relocate eligible only those servers that are indicated as Virtual (the Physical/Virtual attribute in Assets → Servers) and have the VMware value for the Hypervisor attribute.

Note that, by default, if you don’t specify a value for the Hypervisor, and the server is indicated as Virtual, MPA assumes VMware.

In order to start a VMC assessment, you need to enable Relocate under Assumptions → General, look for: Enable VMC

Once enabled, you will see the results of the VMC recommendation throughout the TCO screens.

  • In the Cash Flow Summary on the TCO → Summary page, the VMware Cloud line item will be populated in the AWS section.
  • In EC2 Recommendations, under TCO → AWS, there is the VMware Cloud tab under the Details section. It shows each server that qualified as Relocate (each VM) and its corresponding VMware cluster.
  • More details are provided in EC2 cost, under TCO → AWS where you can see the VMware Cloud Clusters and VMware Cloud Cash Flows.

Note that the VMC recommendation (running assessments with the Relocate toggle on) does not have an impact on the On-premises costs, they remain calculated as usual.