Migration Cost Estimation

Migration cost is determined by the level of effort to migrate and the cost of the resources who will conduct the migration. Additional costs for tooling and training are also included. Level of effort is determined by the migration strategies.

  1. From the left navigation panel, Go to Cost estimation → Summary,

Cost Estimation

  1. Go to Tools & Training Tools & Training

  2. click Modify assumptions → Migration Tools And Schedule, change the Discovery Tool ($)/Server to 0 Filter

  3. Click Save & Calculate to find out the updated cost: updated cost

  4. Sprint teams can be configured in the Server Sprint Team Resources and Database Sprint Team Resources Tab. Sprint teams align to migration strategies and roles. We will change the hourly rate for AWS Offshore Resources by going to Server Sprint Team Resources tab, click on AWS Offshore Resources in the table, modify the following and click Save & Calculate:

    • Number of AWS Offshore resources in Rehost Sprint team: 5
    • Number of AWS Offshore resources in Replatform Sprint team: 5
    • Number of AWS Offshore resources in Rearchitect Sprint team: 5
    • Hourly Rate of AWS Offshore Resource (USD/Hr): 80

modify cost

  1. Go to Cost estimation → Cash flow to view updated Estimated Migration Project Cash Flow Cash flow