Application Prioritization

The goal of this module is to walk through the process of creating application prioritization plan.

MPA’s application prioritization feature ranks business applications on the basis of migration drivers. It allows users to choose application attributes that are driving business priorities, assign points to attributes and rank/prioritize selected attributes.

Application prioritization enables you to align to your customers business and technical drivers for migration.

  1. On the left-hand navigation panel, go to Plan → Application prioritization, click Get Started

  2. In Select attributes dropdown, select one or more attributes relevant to your customer’s drivers. For this lab, we will select Business Unit and Business Criticality, add scores to values.

    Higher scores equates to higher priority/rank for migration.

    Select & Score Attribute

  3. Click next, drag each selected attribute from the “unranked” column to the column most representative of how strongly the attribute aligns to the customers drive to migrate. Click Prioritize Applications Business Attribute Ranking

  4. Review the prioritization list prioritization list