Create App Dependency Groups

The goal of this module is to explore how we can break down dependency groups into smaller groups that can fit into a migration wave.

MPA helps to create application dependency groups on the basis of shared IT assets and server communication. Applications in a group cannot be migrated without impacting other applications in the same group.

  1. Navigate to Plan → Dependency goups, click Get started

  2. MPA will create groups based on the shared IT assets and server communication data. It is best practice to break large groups into smaller groups that can fit in a migration wave. Click on the group 1 in the graph or table. dependency group

    The Heatmap tab on the Group visualization page shows dependencies of application in a selected group. Click on the cell to see the actual dependencies of two applications on the right-hand side panel.

  3. Explore Dependency Graph and Heatmap tab, we can see that Group1 contains 10 Apps and 52 Servers. LB-STACK is at the center of the graph, dependent on 6 other applications. dependency graph

  4. Select LB-STACK, Click RemoveConfirm. This will decouple the application groupings into smaller, more managable chunks split

  5. Mark all group as Close

Close status means the group is ready to go in migration wave. Users want to finalize it and ensure there are no further changes.