Planning Migration Waves

The goal of this module is to familiarize with creation of migration waves in MPA.

The migration wave schedule provides the cutover plan of the portfolio. While creating the migration wave plan, MPA helps users to consider application priority, wave size, intra wave dependencies and data quality so that the migration can yield value sooner with minimum impact on dependencies and maintain the right mix of less and more complex applications in the complete process.

  1. Navigate to Plan → Migration waves, click Get Started:

  2. Select Auto create waves, fill in below details and click Add:

  • Wave Duration in Weeks: 2
  • Number of Waves: 4
  • Select suitable Migration Start Date and End Date (leave 2 months gap) Create Wave
  1. Drag and drop application groups on the timeline to assign them to waves. Assign Wave

  2. Once finished, assigning, inspect the timeline of migration waves. Assigned Wave

  3. You can view or edit the wave details by expanding each wave. Click icon to edit.

    Wave Details

You can download the wave report in excel format by clicking Actions → Download wave report