With a strong understanding of your current state and your portfolio along with the solid business case, you develop in the assessment phase, you can demonstrate the value of the cloud to your organization.

The goal of the mobilize phase is to build foundational capability both in the organization and with the AWS environment with hands-on migration experience focused on security and operations automation. This process brings together your portfolio of tools and practices in a scalable and secure AWS landing zone. In this phase, you migrate a small set of business applications to the cloud, while enforcing an agile and scalable delivery culture, team structure, and change management process.

The AWS mobilize approach includes a defined set of activities across eight distinct workstreams:

  • Detailed business case
  • Detailed portfolio discovery
  • Application migration
  • Migration governance
  • AWS landing zone
  • Security, risk, and compliance
  • Operations
  • People: skills, culture, change, and leadership

With this approach, activities under these workstreams are delivered across eight two-week sprints.

Mobilize delivers the following outcomes:

  • Improve your IT staff’s skill and competency for migration and organizational transformation by building confidence with methodology, processes, and tooling
  • Define and automate security, risk, and compliance policies to accommodate operational controls
  • Define and implement an AWS landing zone that can scale as you migrate additional applications
  • Establish your cloud operating model
  • Run applications in production capacity

Migration during the mobilize phase is an iterative process that evolves as your organization develops new skills, tools, and capabilities. These skills and capabilities build momentum and accelerate your migration efforts over time. Establishing the right foundation to build on is key to a successful migration. The AWS migration framework balances the business and technical efforts needed to complete a cloud migration. This model helps you identify key business drivers for migration and the best strategies for planning and executing a successful cloud migration.

MAP Overview

For more information, see Mobilize Phase.