4. Check CloudEndure Replication Status

Verify CloudEndure replication status

This task will verify the replication status for all servers in all CloudEndure projects in a specific wave. Executing the following script will return an output on the command prompt screen and update the replication_status attribute in the migration factory as well. The expected replication status must be Continuous Data Replication before launching servers for testing or cutover.

1. Run the following script. The script will verify replication for all CloudEndure projects and update the replication_status attribute for the server in the migration factory as well.

2-Verify-replication.py --Waveid 1

2. Open CMD.exe as administrator, switch to c:\migrations\Scripts-CE folder, and run the python command above

3. Enter username and password to login to the migration factory.

factory login

4. Enter CloudEndure API token. Enter CloudEndure API token. This was created during the “Configure CloudEndure” step

ce api token

5. You should get a server list for the wave specified.

server list

The replication status for each server might be different. For example, status Initial sync in progress means server has not finish initial replication, booting_replication_server means the initial sync has not started.

The expected status for all servers must be Continuous Data Replication before launching servers

6. The script will automatically refresh status every 1 minute until you see all servers listed as Continuous Data Replication. This could take up to 20 min. Once all servers reach Continuous Data Replication status the script will quit.

server list

7. Check the status in the migration factory. Login to migration factory console, and select Resource List on the top right corner

resource list

8. Click Servers Tab and Search the Wave name

server name

9. Select the gear button in the middle


10. Select Replication_status and click Update view, then you will be able to see the replication_status

replication status

11. The current replication status should be listed on the screen

replication status