2. Install CloudEndure Agents

Push CloudEndure Agent to all servers in Wave 1

1. Copy the command below.

1-CEAgentInstall.py --Waveid 1

2. Open CMD.exe as administrator, switch to c:\migrations\Scripts-CE folder, and run the python command above

3. Enter username and password to login to the migration factory.

factory login

4. Enter CloudEndure API token. This was created during the “Configure CloudEndure” step

ce api token

5. You should get a server list for the wave 1

server list

6. Enter username and password to login to the source machines.

Username Password
user AWSmid20

If you’re using your own AWS account, please use the same password defined during the Cloudformation launch

These servers are configured as password based authentication instead of key based authentication. Select N to use password.

linux login

7. The installation should start for each server in the project

ce installation

8. The automation script should finish in a few minutes

9. In the end, you will see a result of agent installation.

result install

10. Migration factory should have also received status update from the script. If necessary, refresh screen.

mf result install

Right after installing CloudEndure agents, the replication will start immediately.

Automation tip: Batch CloudEndure agent installation aligned with the migration waves. Automate agent installation and give enough time in advance for the servers to finish the initial replication. Agents can also be installed in stopped mode and activated later.