6. Launch Servers

Launching servers from the migration factory

1. Switch to the migration factory, and select Tools on the dropdown list if you are not on the tools page already.


2. Select CloudEndure


3. Enter CloudEndure API token. Enter CloudEndure API token. This was created during the “Configure CloudEndure” step

ce api

4. Select CloudEndure project name project1 from the dropdown list.

ce dropdown

5. Select yes if this is a dry run. Otherwise, select no.

The purpose of the Dryrun is just to validate the server configuration blueprint such as subnet Id, security group Id. If Dryrun is successful, you will not have CloudEndure syntax issues during cutover

dry run

6. Select TEST Launch type.

launch type

7. Select Wave id 1 from the dropdown list


8. Click Launch servers button


This will launch all the servers in the same wave and same CloudEndure project.

Note: If you select Yes to Dryrun previously, please change to No and click launch servers button again to launch the server.

You should get the following message

ce progress