3. Push Post Migration Scripts

Push Post CloudEndure Launch script to all Servers

This task will copy the post launch scripts to the destination folder on Linux. The post launch script used on this lab will update DNS server to resolve the new IP once the servers are migrated (Source CIDR is and Target AWS CIDR will be

CloudEndure will trigger all the scripts located in the folder /boot/post_launch during the launching process.

1. Open the test post launch scripts folder C:\migrations\Scripts-CE\post_launch, make sure the test scripts exist.

post launch folder

2. Copy the following command.

1-FileCopy-Linux.py --Waveid 1 --Source C:\migrations\Scripts-CE\post_launch

Note: The Source parameter must be the full path of the directory. E.g. “C:\migrations\Scripts-CE\post_launch”, it will copy all files in the source folder to the destination folder

3. Open CMD.exe as administrator, switch to c:\migrations\Scripts-CE, and run the python command above

4. Enter username and password to login to the migration factory.

factory login

5. Enter username and password to login to the source machines.

Username Password
user AWSmid20

If you’re using your own AWS account, please use the same password defined during the Cloudformation launch

These servers are configured as password based authentication instead of key based authentication. Select N to use password.

linux login

6. The script will copy file to the destination folder one by one.

copy post launch

Automation tip: CloudEndure post migration scripting can be very helpful to automate cutover tasks as for e.g. renaming computers, updating DNS records, joining AD domains, installing or removing software, etc.