7. Verify EC2 Status

Check CloudEndure Migration Status

1. Switch to the migration factory, and select Tools on the dropdown list if you are not on the tools page already.


2. Select CloudEndure


3. Enter CloudEndure API token. This was obtained on section 4. of this lab.

ce api

4. Select CloudEndure project name project1 from the dropdown list.

ce dropdown

5. Select no for Dryrun.

dry run

6. Select TEST Launch type.

launch type

7. Select Wave id 1 from the dropdown list


8. Click status check button

ce not yet

10. Repeat the process to status check the servers until you get the you will get the following message. That means that all servers in that migration wave are up and running. It could take up to 15 minutes for the servers to convert and boot. Keep trying until you see the following message:

ce completed

Verify EC2 Instance Status Check

Amazon EC2 servers have a control system to determine if the OS is running and responsive. That’s called Instance Status Check. The following script can be used to determine if all servers that have been converted to EC2 booted and are responsive.

1. Copy the following command.

3-Verify-instance-status.py --CloudEndureProjectName project1 --Waveid 1

2. Open CMD.exe as administrator, switch to c:\migrations\Scripts-CE folder, and run the python command above

3. Enter username and password to login to the migration factory.

factory login

4. Enter CloudEndure API Token. Enter CloudEndure API token. This was created during the “Configure CloudEndure” step

ce api token

5. You should see the list of migrated servers

list migrated

6. Enter AWS Key and Secret Key for CloudEndure user. Keys can be found in Event Engine dashboard Output migration and click Outputs tab (CEAccessKeyID and CESecretAccessKey).


aws key

7. The list of EC2 servers and it’s status will be displayed

8. The script will continue to run until all servers reach the 2/2 status. Once all servers are up and running the script will exit automatically.

status check

The server launching process could take up to 15 minutes