Explore your environment

The current production environment running on-premise is comprised of 3 applications and 5 servers as per the following:

Application Hostname FQDN OS Platform
Wordpress wordpress-web wordpress-web.onpremsim.env Centos7 Apache+PHP
Wordpress wordpress-db wordpress-db.onpremsim.env Centos7 MariaDB
OFBiz ofbiz-web ofbiz-web.onpremsim.env Centos7 Java
OFBiz ofbiz-db ofbiz-db.onpremsim.env Centos7 PostgreSQL
Intranet windows windows.onpremsim.env Windows 2019 IIS

1. Test the applications that we’re going to migrate. On the bastion host, open the following URL using Chrome browser.

All the commands listed on this guide should be executed from INSIDE the bastion host.

Application URL
Wordpress http://wordpress-web.onpremsim.env/
OFBiz ERP https://ofbiz-web.onpremsim.env:8443/accounting
Intranet http://windows.onpremsim.env/

This is a simple test, just check if the application’s webpage shows up.

OFBiz application uses a self signed certificate. It is required to add the exception on Chrome to be able to explore the application. In the Chrome browser, click on Advanced, then Proceed to ofbiz-web.onpremsim.env (unsafe)

2. You should be able to visualize these 3 web applications: