MGN Migration Life Cycle

Now let’s review Application Migration Service (MGN) migration life cycle. Our goal today is to automate the migration activties in each lifecycle state and complete the cutover.

The Lifecycle view shows the current state of each server within the migration lifecycle. And there are 6 states in the migration lifecycle:

  • Not ready - The server is undergoing the Initial Sync process and is not yet ready for testing. This proces might take a few hours to a few days depends on the network bandwidth and size of the source server. Not Ready
  • Ready for testing - The server has been successfully added to Application Migration Service and Initial Sync has completed. Test or Cutover instances can now be launched for this server. ready_for_testing
  • Test in progress - A Test instance is currently being launched for this server. test_in_progress
  • Ready for cutover - This server has been tested and is now ready for a Cutover instance to be launched. ready_for_cutover
  • Cutover in progress - A Cutover instance is currently being launched for this server. cutover_in_progress
  • Cutover complete - This server has been cutover. All of the data on this server has been migrated to the Cutover instance. cutover_complete

Optional: Read this document to learn more about each state -