11. Verify cutover instances status

Verify EC2 Instance Status Check

Please wait for 5 minutes after previous step if you did launch test instances in step-6. Cutover job will terminate test instances and create new cutover instances, but it will take a few minutes, running the command below immediately after previous step might create false positive results with old test instances if the old test instances still exist.

Amazon EC2 servers have a control system to determine if the OS is running and responsive. That’s called Instance Status Check. The following script can be used to determine if all servers that have been converted to EC2 successfully and have booted and are responsive.

1. Copy the following command.

3-Verify-instance-status.py --Waveid 1

2. Open CMD.exe as administrator, switch to c:\migrations\Scripts-MGN folder, and run the python command above

3. You should see the list of servers that are now running in the test subnet.

list migrated

During this time the output may show that the instances do not exist, this is not an issue and just the time when MGN is deploying the new EC2 instances. This process involves creating snapshots and conversion of the servers to run on EC2. As soon as the instances have been allocated the display will update with the new instance IDs, and then wait for the 2/2 to be confirmed for the instances. This process could take up to 15 minutes, the verification script will retry after 1 minute. launch error

4. The list of EC2 servers and it’s status will be displayed.

5. The script will continue to run until all servers reach the 2/2 status. Once all servers are up and running the script will exit automatically.

The final status once all EC2 instances have reached the Status Check result of 2/2 will then be shown.

status check

Currently, we are using the automation script to check EC2 instance 2/2 status for the entire wave, you can also switch to AWS Application Migration Service from AWS Console, and select Launch History, and select the Job Id to check the detailed logs for each job

job log