14. Archive MGN source servers

Archive MGN source servers

This action is only required to clean-up the MGN console so that only servers still being actively migrated and not cutover are shown.

1. Switch to the migration factory, and select Tools on the dropdown list if you are not on the tools page already.


2. Select Application Migration Service (this is the default on opening the Tools menu)


3. Select Wave 1 from the Wave Id dropdown.


4. Using the aws_accountid value from Event Engine dashboard, select this from the AWS Account ID dropdown.


5. Select - Mark as archived from the Test and Cutover dropdown.


6. Click Submit to mark the servers in MGN as Archived.

Non-reversible This action cannot be reversed without reinstalling the agents onto the source servers and starting the process from the beginning, at which point they will be given a new unique ID within MGN.

7. After some time the CEMF will either return a success message from MGN (shown below), or a message indicating there are issues with the action.


Archived servers will still be shown in the Migration Factory, and can also be viewed within the MGN console by enabling the table filter option Show only archived servers. tools


At this point, you have successfully completed all the standard steps in this lab. As a bonus, you can choose to continue the optional steps for a Windows server in Wave 2 or exit the lab.

If you have any questions about Migration Factory, please feel free to reach out to us: migration-factory-support@amazon.com