5. Validate Launch template

Validate Launch templates for all servers in Wave 1

This task will validate the launch templates that will be used when instances are started in AWS.

This will check that the supplied subnets, security groups, and other settings are correct.

1. Switch to the migration factory, and select Tools on the dropdown list if you are not on the tools page already.


2. Select Application Migration Service (this is the default on opening the Tools menu)


3. Select Wave 1 from the Wave Id dropdown.


4. Using the aws_accountid value from Event Engine dashboard, select this from the AWS Account ID dropdown.


5. Select Validate Launch Template from the Test and Cutover dropdown.


6. Click Submit to initiate the validation.

7. After some time the validation will either return a success message, or a message indicating there are specific issues with the provide server target values.

Example success: All templates for all servers in the save have been validated tools

Example error: in this case the server has been loaded with an invalid target subnet ID. In this instance you should review the intake form for the server mentioned and amend the values that are incorrect.


After completing this step, please skip step-6 and step-7 and go directly to step-8 MARK AS READY FOR CUTOVER in a instructor-led workshop. We want to skip test and do cutover directly for the purpose of this lab, and this will save 30 mins of lab time. However, in the real production migration, we should always test it first before cutover. Feel free to continue with step-6 if you are doing self-paced lab or instructor ask you to do so.