2. Install Replication Agents

Push Replication Agent to server in Wave 2

1. Copy the command below.

1-AgentInstall.py --Waveid 2 --WindowsUser Administrator

2. Open CMD.exe as administrator, switch to c:\migrations\Scripts-MGN folder, and run the python command above

The script will get the Migration Factory credentials from Secrets manager and automatically login. This is possible due to the bastion host EC2 having an IAM Role assigned which has a policy which allows access to the Migration Factory secret. For on-premise deployments you will need to save IAM credentials on the server.

3. You should get a server list for the wave 2

server list

4. Please use the following user name and password to login to the Windows machine (only the password will be requested, as the user name is passed in script parameter)

Username Password
Administrator AWSmid20

5. The installation should start for each server in the project

Output displayed at this stage is directly from the instances where the agent installation is running, so can be used to review any errors that may occur per server.

ce installation

6. The automation script should finish in a few minutes

7. In the end, you will see a result of agent installation.

This final check verifies that the agents are registered in the MGN console successfully.

result install

8. Migration factory should have also received status update from the script. If necessary, refresh screen.

mf result install

Right after installing Replication agents, the replication will start immediately.

Automation tip: Batch Replication agent installation aligned with the migration waves. Automate agent installation and give enough time in advance for the servers to finish the initial replication. Agents can also be installed in stopped mode and activated later.