Upgrade Tomcat


Bluage II-Cobol2SpringBoot-5.6 comes by default with the Tomcat_v8 server. We need to upgrade it to Tomcat_v9 before deploying the application .WAR files.

  1. Upgrade Tomcat version from v8 to v9 in the Blu Age Velocity.
    • Right click on the Murach-Forward-service, then select Properties

Murach-Forward service

  1. Search for the targeted runtimes in the search bar, select ‘Targeted Runtimes’ and click New..

Targeted Runtimes

  1. Scroll down and select Apache Tomcat v9.0. Click Next

Apache Tomcat v9.0

  1. Provide Tomcat installation directory path as C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Old-WorkShop\apache-tomcat and click Finish

Tomcat installation directory

  1. Select Apache Tomcat v9.0 check box. Click Apply and Apply and Close

Select tomcat_v9

  1. Note: Notice the error (red cross) on the Murach-Forward-service folder was disappeared after upgrading to Tomcat_v9

No Error