Export application models

While analyzing the source code assets, Blu Age Analyzer also performed the following activities:

  • Transformed the COBOL programs into application models
  • JCL is modernized to Apache Groovy script
  • Mainframe data definitions are modernized to relational database definitions

Next step is to export the models from Blu Age Analyzer in order for them to be transformed into the target Java language by Blu Age Velocity (another Blu Age toolset).

  1. From the menu bar, select Assets then Export Assets, then Export DSLs.

Export assets

  1. In the ‘Export for Legacy to Cloud’ window, uncheck Push on remote repository:.
    • Under ‘Choose a Lot’ section, Select all
    • Click OK

Export options

  1. Click Continue on the ‘Git Diff’ window.

Git Differences

  1. Click OK on the ‘Git Export for Legacy To Cloud’ window.

Export success

  1. Blu Age Analyzer has now successfully exported the application models. Close the Blu Age Analyzer now.

    Note: Click Don’t Save option.

Minimize Blu Age Analyzer