Generate Java Code

In this section, we create forward-engineering projects.

  1. Right-click in Package Explorer, then select New, then BLU AGE Project.

Import success

  1. Enter Murach-Forward as the project name and click Next.

Project name

  1. In the Product selection window:
    • Check codeFactorizationPostProcess
    • Check codeFactorizationPostProcessIsVerbose
    • Check enableJics
    • Enter encoding CP037 (number zero. Not letter ‘O’)
    • Click Next

Product selection

  1. In the workflow properties window, change the project settings mode from standard to advanced.
    • Click Next 4 times.

Workflow properties

  1. Once you are on, com.netfective.bluage.springboot.statemachine screen.
    • Enter value murach in the springProfile
    • Click Next 4 times (this will take you to the summary page)

SpringProfile Name

  1. Once you are on summary page, click Finish.


  1. You now see the forward engineering project Murach-Forward in the package explorer.
    • Right-click on the Murach-Reverse_all project
    • Select BluAge Velocity
    • Select Modernize from Analyzer DSLs

Modernize DSLs

  1. Select the following licensing options:
    • For the ‘Velocity project name’, select Workshop-AWS from the drop-down
    • For the ‘Attached Bluage Velocity forward project:', select Murach-Forward from the drop-down
    • Enter com.netfective.bluage in the Root package
    • Click OK


  1. Blu Age Velocity is now transforming the application models to the Java code. This process will take few minutes. You can see the progress at the bottom right corner of the window. Please wait until the generation process is successful (blank on the status bar indicates 100% completed).


  • The generation process created 5 packages:

    • Murach-Forward-web is the presentation logic AngularJS front-end application.
    • Murach-Forward-service is the service layer Spring Boot Java backend service.
    • Murach-Forward-entities contains the business and data layers invoked by the service layer.
    • Murach-Forward-tools contains utilities for tasks such as file access.
    • Murach-Forward-pom is a container linking the other packages.
  • Minimize Blu Age Velocity now.

If you receive a Unauthorized Velocity action or Velocity action refused or License server not reachable message, it is a licensing issue. Please check with the AWS Solutions Architect for further assistance.