Identify missing code

Blu Age Analyzer analyzes the mainframe inventory from various dimensions including the program dependencies and highlights the missing components.

  1. From the InterModule graph, you can see that source code for SYSERR is missing (highlighted in red).

Missing source code

  1. We can also identify the missing source code by querying the graph database using gremlin query (gremlin is a query language used to retrieve data from the graph database).
    • In Blu Age Analyzer, identify the Gremlin Query window (highlighted in red)
    • Click the Load button (highlighted in red)

Gremlin Query Window

  1. Select the gremlin query:
    • Navigate to C:\BluAge\ANALYZER_6.0.0\analyzer\extra\gremlinQueries\public
    • Select Graph_UnresolvedProcedures.gremlin (last query in the folder)
    • Click Open

Select query

  1. Notice the Gremlin query was populated in the query window.
    • Click the Run button (Note: The run button activates when you click anywhere on the InterModule graph area - white space)

Run query

  1. Notice the missing source code SYSERR was identified in the results section.

Run query results

  1. Close the ‘InterModuleGraph’ using x button on top of the graph window tab. Select Don’t Save.

Close Graph window