Import application models

In this section, we use Blu Age Velocity to generate Java code from models exported in the previous section (Export application models).

  1. Launch Blu Age Velocity using the shortcut on the desktop named Bluage II-Cobol2SpringBoot-5.6. Blu Age velocity icon

The Blu Age Velocity take couple of minutes to launch. Please be patient!!!

  1. In the workspace selection window, leave the default workspace name as bluage and click Launch.

Default workspace

  1. When the application starts, right click anywhere on the white space of the Package Explorer window and select Import.


  1. In the import options page, expand General and select Existing Projects into Workspace and click Next


  1. In the import projects window, click Browse next to Select root directory:
    • Browse to C:\ws\analyzer\GIT\Murach-Reverse
    • Click OK

Folder selection

  1. Check Copy projects into workspace option and click Finish

Finish import

  1. This imports the applications models into the reverse-engineering project.

Import success