Import missing code

In a real-life scenario, we would either ask the z/OS developer or system programmer to provide us the source code for the missing program SYSERR. For this workshop, we have copied the missing code file into the C:\Workshop\Missing.

So, let’s import the missing source code file into Blu Age Analyzer.

  1. From the menu bar, select Assets then select Incremental Import Assets.

Incremental import assets

  1. Provide the location of the missing source code file:
    • Select radio button Folder under ‘Code to Import’ option
    • Browse to or enter C:\WorkShop\Missing for the Location
    • Click Next

Select folder

  1. Click Next on the ‘Resource Type Selection’ page.

Resource Types

  1. On the ‘GapWalk Options’ page, leave the default values and click Next.

GapWalk Options

  1. On the ‘Asset Selection’ page
    • Select check box for the SYSERR
    • Click Finish

Asset selection

  1. The missing source code is now imported into the Blu Age Analyzer. To verify,

    • Run the same Gremlin query that you ran in the previous section by clicking the Run button (green color).
    • Click OK on the message window.

    Note: Notice that there are no missing programs listed in the results section.

No Results

  1. Blu Age Analyzer will update the InterModule graph to reflect the newly imported SYSERR source code.
    • Within Assets Navigator, under Saved Graphs, double-click on InterModuleGraph.

Inter Module Graph

  1. Select Layouts from the menu bar, then Graph Layout, then All, then Smart Organic

Smart Organic Option

  1. Notice that the SYSERR program has changed to an orange rectangle denoting that the program is no longer missing.

SYSERR graph