Configure Security Group

Security Groups

Security group acts as a virtual firewall for your Aurora database instances to control the incoming and outgoing traffic. Inbound rules control the incoming traffic to your instance, and outbound rules control the outgoing traffic from your instance. When you launch an instance, you can specify one or more security groups. If you don’t specify a security group, Aurora uses the default security group. You can add rules to each security group that allow traffic to or from its associated instances. You can modify the rules for a security group at any time. New and modified rules are automatically applied to all instances that are associated with the security group.

In this section, you will configure the default VPC security group to allow the inbound traffic from EC2 instance security group on port 5432 (PostgreSQL).

AWS Management Console is going through an UI update. Screenshots in this section might look different from your console.

  1. Login to the AWS Management Console by clicking ‘AWS Console’ option from your Event Engine dashboard.

AWS Console

  1. On the next page, click on ‘Open AWS Console’ option. You will be navigated to the AWS management console.

AWS Console

  1. Select EC2 from the services drop-down or search in the text box.

Select EC2

  1. From the left menu, select Security Groups under -> Network & Security.

Select Security Groups

  1. Copy the VPC ID from the Event Engine dashboard and paste it in the Filter security groups. Click on the VPC ID listed in the dropdown.

VPC Filtered

  1. Click on the ‘Security group ID’ of the default ‘Security group name’.

Default Security Group

  1. Under the Inbound rules tab, click on Edit inbound rules button.

Inbound rules

  1. Click Add rule and pass the below values to the rule. Click Save rules
    • Type: PostgreSQL
    • Source: Custom
    • Source value: Blu Age instance security group from the event engine dashboard

Configure rule

You will use this security group while creating the Aurora PostgreSQL database in the next section.