Create Target Database Schemas

Create schemas

In this section, we are going to create the database schemas required for the Murach application to run on AWS. Previously, data was stored in the VSAM files in the mainframe. As part of this modernization, you will modernize the data store from mainframe VSAM files to the Aurora PostgreSQL database.

  1. Launch Blusam Administration Console at: http://localhost:8080/bac

    • Click Login (Locate login button at the top right hand corner of the screen)

Blusam Administration Console

  1. Enter sign in credentials, sadmin as the username and sadmin as the password. Click Login.

Sign in credentials

  1. Upon successful login, click BLU AGE logo present on top of the screen.

Blu Age icon

In case, above screen was not displayed, then delete the cookies and re-start your browser.

  1. Under Create Actions, select Create DataSet set from ListCat

Create dataset

  1. Select radio button ‘From server path folder’

    • Enter listcat files location in the text box (Analyzer workspace location): C:\ws\bluage\Murach-Reverse_all\listcat
    • Click Load

    Four listcat file details should be displayed.

Load Listcat Files

  1. Scroll down and click Create. “Confirmation message is displayed whether to create all the defined datasets or not?”. Click Yes.

Click Create

  1. All 4 database tables were created in the new Aurora PostgreSQL database. Observe the record count (zero) and record length. Record length for each file should be as follows:
    • CUSTMAS is 118
    • INVCTL is 7
    • INVOICE is 275
    • PRODUCT is 39

Tables Created

  1. Now, lets load the data into these tables.