Data Load

Data Load

In the previous section, you have created the database schemas. Now, you need to migrate the data from mainframe VSAM files to Aurora PostgreSQL database. To simplify the lab, we have already downloaded the VSAM data from mainframe and stored it in a binary format at C:\WorkShop\MurachData.

So, let’s start loading the data.

  1. For CUSTMAS, click Action -> Load


  1. Enter or Select below attributes:
    • Record format: Fixed
    • Record size max: 118
    • Localisation: Local
    • Click Choose File

CUSTMAS attributes

  1. Navigate to mainframes data files location: C:\WorkShop\MurachData

    • Select VSAM.CUSTMAS.PS
    • Click Open


Selected file name (VSAM.CUSTMAS.PS) should be displayed next to the Choose File button.

CUSTMAS selected

  1. Upload the data to CUSTMAS table.

    • Click Load on server button
    • Notice the progress. Once load was completed, then
    • Click Load on Blusam button


  1. Observe the record count for the CUSTMAS and load succeeded message at the right hand side bottom of the screen.

CUSTMAS record count

  1. Repeat the same process (step 1 to 5) for other 3 files:

    • INVCTL -> Record size max 7
    • INVOICE -> Record size max 275
    • PRODUCT -> Record size max 39

All tables uploaded

  1. Data should be loaded successfully to all the tables with accurate record counts (as displayed in the above screenshot).

In case, if you notice a record count mismatch between your machine and the screenshot, then clear the respective table from the Actions drop down and log off and re-login back to the bac.