1. Launch the event engine team dashboard at: https://dashboard.eventengine.run/login

  2. Enter hash token provided by the AWS associate in the text box below and click Accept Terms & Login option.


  1. You will be navigated to the team dashboard screen. This screen contains all the information you will be needing to execute the lab. Below is a sample screenshot.


Clicking on the file icon will copy the information to the clipboard.

  • Blu Age instance IP: IP address of the EC2 instance accessed via. RDP client.

  • Blu Age instance username: User name of the EC2 instance.

  • Blu Age instance password: Password of the EC2 instance.

  • Blu Age instance security group: Default VPC security group attached to the RDS instance.

  • VPC ID: Name of the VPC where EC2 instance is running.

  • AWS Console: Navigates to the AWS management console to create target database.