Mac Users

  1. Copy Blu Age instance IP address from the event engine dashboard.

Blu Age Instance IP address

  1. Launch ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ application from the Launchpad (In case, if you do not have the application already installed, then download from the Mac App Store and install).

Microsoft Remote Desktop icon

  1. Upon launching the Microsoft Remote Desktop successfully,

    • Click on the drop down (next to + sign) and select ‘Add PC’ option.

    Add PC

  2. Enter IP address of the Blu Age EC2 instance (copied in step-1) and provide user friendly name. Click Add.

    Enter IP address

  3. Double click on the EC2 instance added. Enter following credentials and click Continue.

    • Username: Blu Age instance username from the event engine dashboard
    • Password: Blu Age instance password from the event engine dashboard

    Enter credentials

  4. You should be able to successfully login to the Blu Age windows EC2 instance.

    Windows Desktop