Lab Flow

Execution Flow

Below are the series of steps you will be executing to convert and migrate the application onto AWS. The overall process consists of:

  1. Mainframe: Murach application is currently running on the mainframe platform. To make things simpler and easier, we have already downloaded the application inventory including source code, the VSAM data files, and the configuration files onto the EC2 instance which you are going to work with today.

  2. Blu Age Analyzer: Analyzes the application inventory and generates various artifacts including (not limited to) program call chain, component dependencies, missing components, CRUD, inventory metrics and platform independent model (PIM), etc. PIM is a Blu Age proprietary application model which translates the legacy source code to an intermediary model.

  3. Blu Age Velocity: This tool processes the PIM and converts the intermediary model into a target technology stack, such as Java Spring Boot and Angular JS.

  4. Aurora database: New Aurora PostgreSQL database instance is created to migrate the mainframe VSAM files data into the relational database.

  5. Tomcat server: Application WAR files generated by the Blu Age velocity tool are deployed to a standalone Tomcat server.

  6. Data Migration: Migrate mainframe VSAM data files onto Aurora PostgreSQL database using Blusam Administration Console (/bac).