Run application

So far, you have completed the following activities:

  • Analyzed mainframe source code using Blu Age Analyzer under ‘Code Refactoring’ chapter.
  • Refactored mainframe tech stack to modern tech stack using Blu Age Velocity under ‘Code Refactoring’ chapter.
  • Created target database (Aurora PostgreSQL) and migrated data under ‘Create Target database’ and ‘Data Migration’ chapters.
  • Deployed java .WAR file onto the Tomcat server.

Now, let’s run the transformed application on AWS.

Its recommended to launch the transformed application in the Google Chrome.

  1. Go to the refactored and deployed ‘Murach application on AWS’ at url: http://localhost:8080/Murach-Forward

    New tab should be opened in your browser with JICS Transaction Runner.

JICS Transaction Manager

  1. Enter Transaction ‘MENU’ (case sensitive) in the text box and click Run.

MENU Tran-Id

  1. Master menu of the Murach application should be displayed in your browser.

Murach Main Screen

  1. Use following sample data to test the application. Happy playing!

    • Customer number: 111111, 111119, 123456, 112233, 123455

    • Product code: 0000000001-0000000009, 3000-001 to 3000-003