Assembler to COBOL conversion

According to the Portability Assessment report generated by the Micro Focus EA (last section in Discovery & Analysis chapter), we have to convert the two assembler modules for migration (UDATECNV.asm, UTWOSCMP.asm). In our lab, we decided to convert them to COBOL. However, depending on the size of the assembler modules, such conversions can be accomplished either manually or using code converters.

In the interest of time, these Assembler programs had already been converted manually to the COBOL, and resulting programs are available in folder C:\Workshop\Converted.


Now, we need to copy the converted programs and missing copybooks to a central library where other COBOL programs and copybooks exists.

  1. Start ‘Enterprise Developer Command Prompt (32-bit)' from the desktop.

Micro Focus Enterprise Developer Command Prompt Icon

  1. Copy the converted programs from C:\Workshop\Converted to C:\Workshop\zOS-Application\COBOL, using following command.

     copy C:\Workshop\Converted\*.cbl C:\Workshop\zOS-Application\COBOL

Copy Converted Programs

  1. Copy the missing copybook from C:\Workshop\zOS-Missing to C:\Workshop\zOS-Application\CPYBKS, using following command.

     copy C:\Workshop\zOS-Missing\*.cpy C:\Workshop\zOS-Application\CPYBKS*

Copy Missing Copybook

Ensure the files were successfully copied to the destination folder by cross verifying in the windows explorer. In case, if the files were not copied, then, manually copy between the folders.

Finally, minimize the ‘Enterprise Developer Command Prompt (32-bit)' window. DO NOT close. It is required in the subsequent steps.