Deploy Application

To make things simpler for this lab, we had pre-configured Micro Focus ES with a default generic parameter’s at C:\ES-LAB. Now, you are going to use it to deploy BankDemo application.

  1. Restore ‘Enterprise Developer Command Prompt (32-bit)' from the taskbar.

ED Command Prompt

  1. Run following commands to copy all the DLLs, MOD files from the default Micro Focus ED folder ‘C:\ED-LAB\Bankdemo Lab Project\New_Configuration.bin*.dll’ to a pre-configured Micro Focus ES folder ‘C:\ES-LAB\Loadlib’.

     copy "C:\ED-LAB\Bankdemo Lab Project\New_Configuration.bin\*.dll" C:\ES-LAB\Loadlib\
     copy "C:\ED-LAB\Bankdemo Lab Project\New_Configuration.bin\*.MOD" C:\ES-LAB\Loadlib\

ED Command Prompt

Ensure, all 44 DLLs and 12 MOD files were copied successfully to the target folder (C:\ES-LAB\Loadlib)