Import CICS resource definitions

The CICS system definition (CSD) file is a VSAM data set containing a resource definition record for every resource defined to CICS.

CICS system definition (CSD) was downloaded from the mainframe and saved in a workshop folder at C:\Workshop\Converted\BNKDEMOG-New.csd

  1. Navigate to C:\Workshop\Converted\ and open BNKDEMOG-New.csd (in notepad) to explore data in the file.


  1. Restore Enterprise Developer Command Prompt (32-bit) from the taskbar.

ED Command Prompt

  1. Run following command to add mainframe BankDemo application resources (BNKDEMOG-New.csd) to the Micro Focus CICS resource definition file (dfhdrdat).

     casrdtup /fC:\Workshop\Converted\BNKDEMOG-New.csd /opC:\ES-LAB\Rdef /q


Ensure, all 62 resources were added successfully to the Micro Focus CICS resource definition file. Ignore errors related to keywords used by z/OS but unknown to Micro Focus such as DEFINETIME, CHANGETIME, CHANGEUSRID, CHANGEAGENT & CHANGEAGREL.

  1. Now, check these 62 resources from the Micro Focus console.
  • Start ESLAB server by running casstart /rESLAB command. Wait for few seconds to start the server.

Start Server

  • Go to ES Administration console by double clicking on the following desktop shortcut icon or url: http://localhost:10086/

Launch ES Administration console

  • ES Administration console should be opened successfully.

ES Administration console

  • Click on NATIVE, then, Directory Servers -> Default and click on ESLAB.

ESLAB Server

  • Navigate to CICS, then Resources.

CICS Resources

  • Under RESOURCES -> By Group, expand Groups. Scroll to the bottom and click ESLABG.

ESLABG CICS Resources by Groups

  • Notice the CICS resources created from CSD file ran in step 3 (above).


Minimize the ES administration console window. DO NOT close it. You would need in the subsequent chapters / sections.