Import Source Code

  1. Launch Micro Focus ED by double clicking on the icon located on the desktop, ‘Enterprise Developer for Eclipse’.

Micro Focus Enterprise Developer icon

Please be patient!! Software should be launched in couple of minutes.

  1. Enter workspace name as C:\ED-LAB, and click ‘Launch’.

Workspace Name

  1. Choose ‘Open COBOL Perspective’ mode. You will be logged into the Eclipse IDE.

COBOL Prespective

  1. Disable build automatically feature by selecting, Project -> Build Automatically

Un-check Build Automatically

  1. Create a Project folder:
    • From the menu bar, select File -> New -> Mainframe COBOL Projects

Choose COBOL Project

  1. Enter project name as ‘Bankdemo Lab Project’.
    • Click Finish.

Specify Project Name

  1. Import mainframe assets to the project created in above step.
    • Click right mouse button on the ‘Bankdemo Lab Project’
    • Select Import -> Import…

Import Assets

  1. Under General, select ‘File System’
    • Click Next.

Assets Location

  1. Navigate to the ‘C:\Workshop\zOS-Application’ folder
    • Click ‘Select Folder’.

Assets Folder

  1. Expand zOS-Application and select BMS, COBOL, CPYBKS folders.
    • Click ‘Finish’.

Choose Folders

  1. All components should be imported successfully into the Eclipse.

Import Success

Ensure the converted assembler programs (UDATECNV, UTWOSCMP) and missing copybook (CBANKD01) were imported successfully. In case if they were not imported, then manually copy from the source folder (C:\Workshop\Converted, C:\Workshop\zOS-Missing) to the ED-LAB workspace (COBOL Programs and Copybooks folder)