Configure Enterprise Server for Aurora DB

To make things simpler for this lab, we had pre-configured Micro Focus ES with a Database File Handler (MFDBFH). It allows to store VSAM files data in a relational database. This File Handler uses previously configured PG.MFLABDB and PG.VSAM ODBC system data sources to access Aurora DB.

  1. Restore Enterprise Developer Command Prompt (32-bit) from the taskbar.

ED Command Prompt

  1. Run the following command to set MFDBFH_CONFIG environment variable to locate MFDBFH configuration file.

     set MFDBFH_CONFIG=C:\ES-LAB\Rdef\esdbfh.cfg

Set Environment Variable

  1. Run the following command to create relational logical database (in Aurora PostgreSQL) which contains VSAM files data.

     dbfhdeploy create sql://aurora-mf-lab-db/vsam -verbose

Set Aurora DB to VSAM

  1. Now, test the PG.VSAM system data source connection configured in the Step 5 of Configure ODBC data source section.
    • Connection should be successful.

Test Data Source Conn