Configure Security Group

Security Groups

Security group acts as a virtual firewall for your Aurora database instances to control the incoming and outgoing traffic. Inbound rules control the incoming traffic to your instance, and outbound rules control the outgoing traffic from your instance. When you launch an instance, you can specify one or more security groups. If you don’t specify a security group, Aurora uses the default security group. You can add rules to each security group that allow traffic to or from its associated instances. You can modify the rules for a security group at any time. New and modified rules are automatically applied to all instances that are associated with the security group.

On the source mainframe environment, application data was stored on VSAM files. Micro Focus does supports VSAM files. However, VSAMs are the single point of failure. Hence, we are using Micro Focus Datastore feature to store application data on Aurora PostgreSQL database.

All the activities in this section were performed on AWS Management Console. Follow below steps to launch the Console.

  1. Navigate to the event engine dashboard and copy Micro Focus instance security group.
    • Click AWS Console.

EC2 Dash board

  1. From the EC2 console, click ‘Security Groups’ (under Network & Security), then click ‘Create security group’.

EC2 Security Group

  1. Enter following values for the new security group.
    • Security group name: MicroFocus-Aurora-DB-SG
    • Description: MicroFocus-Aurora-DB-SG
    • VPC: Click on the drop down and select EE dashboard vpc-id (vpc-0673ea26da05bfbac)

EC2 Security Group-1

  1. Scroll down and add Inbound Rule by clicking on Add Rule.
    • Select Type as PostgreSQL
    • Source: Select ‘Custom’ and paste Micro Focus instance security group copied in the step-1 above (sg-072a8663dd919cd91)
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create security group

DB Security Group

  1. Ensure new security group had been created successfully. You will use this security group while creating Aurora PostgreSQL database.

DB Security Group Created