Migrate Data

BankDemo VSAM Files

BankDemo consists of 5 VSAM files. Each file has its own significance and accessed either by a single or multiple screens. Data from these files were downloaded from the mainframe and saved in a temporary folder at C:\Workshop\zOS-Data (flat files format).

  • BNKACC: Holds customer account details.
  • BNKCUST: Contains customer information.
  • BNKTXN: Associated transactions for each account.
  • BNKATYPE: Valid account types.
  • BNKHELP: Help information about each screen.
  1. Restore Enterprise Developer Command Prompt (32-bit) from the taskbar.

ED Command Prompt

  1. Run the following command to copy data files from a temporary folder to an Enterprise Server data directory. We do this in order to dump data onto a VSAM files and eventually to an Aurora DB.

     copy C:\Workshop\zOS-Data\*.PS.dat C:\ES-LAB\Data

Copy Files

  1. Run the following command to submit BNKDVSAM.jcl. This JCL allocates VSAM KSDS files in the Enterprise Server and copies flat files data into the new VSAM KSDS files.

     cassub -jC:\Workshop\zOS-Application\JCL\BNKDVSAM.jcl -rESLAB

Submit Batch Job

  1. Review the job output in the spool via ES Administrative Console in ESLAB.
    • Restore ES Administration console and navigate to JES -> Spool.

ES Admin Spool

  1. Click on the job name, BNKDVSAM.

ES Job Spool

  1. Spool details should be displayed.
    • Click on the view (eye icon) to see respective step details.

ES Job Spool Details

  1. To view the list of cataloged files, navigate to JES -> Catalog, and click on LIST.

ES Catalog

Catalog List

  1. Browse DCB parameters for AWS.MF.BANKDEMO.KSDS.BNKACC by clicking on the DCB icon.

DCB Option

  1. Logical file pointing to the physical file location should be displayed.

DCB Parameters

  1. Run the following command to navigate to the folder where catalog file is located.

    cd C:\ES-LAB\Catalog

Catalog File Location

  1. Scan the catalog file by invoking following command. This command scans catalog and creates listing (R_2.dat), configuration files (static.cfg) which will be used in the following step.

    mfdbcatc -s -c C:\ES-LAB\Catalog\CATALOG.DAT

Scan Catalog

  1. Run the following command to update catalog file by replacing physical VSAM file locations with aurora database url.

    mfdbcatc -u -c C:\ES-LAB\Catalog\CATALOG.DAT -fs C:\ES-LAB\Data -h aurora-mf-lab-db -d vsam -v

Update Catalog

  1. Stop the ESLAB server by invoking following command.
    • casstop /lESLAB

Stop ES Lab

  1. Run the following commands to swap catalog files to make new catalog file as an active.


Swap Catalogs

Open the folder, C:\ES-LAB\Catalog and make sure the files were re-named successfully.

  1. Start ESLAB server using following command.

    casstart /rESLAB

Start ES Lab

Please be patient!!! The ESLAB is going to take couple of minutes to start. Run following steps once the above highlighted message was displayed.

  1. Run the following command to upload data files into Aurora database using the commands generated by mfdbcatc utility (step 11 & 12). These commands were stored in the file named deployfile.

    dbfhdeploy @deployfile

Deploy File

  1. Close and restart the Chrome bowser. Go to Enterprise Server Administration console using the url: http://localhost:10086/
    • Repeat step-7 to step-9 to view catalog entries physical file location updated with aurora urls:

New DCB Parameters