Complexity Report

Complexity report describes the supported complexity metrics for the source files in Mirco Focus EA repository.

  1. From the menu bar, under “Reports”, select “Complexity” (Reports -> Complexity).

Launch Complexity Report

  1. Complexity report for each program should be displayed. Scroll to the right-hand side of the screen to view more parameter values.

Programs Complexity Report

  • Some, of the parameters include:
    • Lines of Code: Number of lines of code, plus the number of lines of code in included files and any files they include. Comments and blank lines are not counted.
    • Program length: N = N1 + N2, where N1 is Operators and N2 is Operands.
    • Conditional complexity: Binary Decisions, plus Unique Operands in Conditions.
    • Dead Lines: Number of dead lines in programs and used include files.
    • Cyclomatic complexity, Maintainability Index, Function points etc.
  1. Click on the “Entity Type” drop down to view complexity reports for other component types (for e.g: BMS File)

BMS Complexity Report

  • Close the window to navigate back to the Micro Focus EA.