CRUD Report

CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) report shows the data operations each program in the project performs, and the data objects on which the programs operate. It helps in facilitating the database synchronization requirements for strangler migration pattern.

  1. From the menu bar, under “Reports”, select “CRUD Report” (Reports -> CRUD Report).

Launch CRUD Report

  • Click ‘Yes’ to run in background.

Confirm CRUD

  1. Confirmation message, ‘CRUD report job was successfully submitted to the queue…..’ should be displayed.

    • Click ‘OK’

Confirm CRUD Report Generation

  1. After few seconds, CRUD report should be generated successfully with a notification in the ‘Activity Log’.

CRUD Report Generated

  1. Double click on the report to view the full program CRUD.

    • Report should be opened successfully. Observe CRUD operations performed by each program aganist each file.

CRUD Report

  • Close the window to navigate back to the Micro Focus EA.