Executive Report

Micro Focus EA generates various reports. Each report has its own significance. Lets review some of the important reports in next few sections.

Executive report offers HTML views of the application inventories that can be used to assess the risk and cost of supporting the application.

  1. From the menu bar, under “Reports”, select “Executive Report” (Reports -> Executive Report).

Launch Executive Report

  1. Click ‘Yes’ to run in the background.

    • Click OK.


Please be patient!! Executive report will take few seconds to create. Once the report was created, you will notice 2 entries in the Activity Log. One is the process initiated notification and the other one is actual report URL.

  1. Executive report should be created successfully.

    • Double click on the report in ‘Activity Log’.

Executive Report Log

  1. Click on the respective links to understand more details about the application.

Executive Report Index

  • For e.g: Dead Lines report.

Executive Report LoC

  • Close the window to navigate back to the Micro Focus EA.