Import Missing Code

  1. Double click on the ‘+’ sign of BBANK10P.cbl in the ‘Activity Log’.

View Warnings

  1. Double click on the error message, ‘8070 – Cannot open file: ‘SOURCES/COPYBOOK/CBANKD01’: Ensure the file exists’.
    • Copybook, CBANKD01 should be highlighted in red color. This indicates, the source code for CBANKD01 is missing.

Missing Copybook

Under repository window (left hand side), expand EA-LAB->COBOL File. Observe yellow color indicators {warning} for BBANK10P.cbl and DBANK01P.cbl programs. Both these programs were referring to CBANKD01.cpy copybook.

Missing Copybooks Highlighted

  1. Under EA-LAB workspace folder -> right click on the ‘Copybook File’ folder and select ‘Add Files to Workspace…’ option.

Add Missing Copybook

  1. Click ‘Add’ Files.

Click add files

  1. Navigate to C:\Workshop\zOS-Missing and select CBANKD01.cpy
    • Click Open

Select Folder

  1. Micro Focus EA should successfully upload CBANKD01.cpy copybook to the workspace.

Copybook Loaded

  • Close the program window(s) and navigate back to the “Report Chart View” screen.