Launch MF Enterprise Analyzer

Before starting this chapter, make sure you were able to successfully login to the EC2 instance using the IP address captured from the event engine dashboard.

  1. Launch Micro Focus EA by double clicking on the icon located on the desktop, ‘Enterprise Analyzer’.

Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer icon

  1. Under ‘Existing’ -> click on the “Create New” button.

Create New

  1. Enter New Workspace Name as ‘EA-LAB’ and Location as ‘C:\’.
    • Click “Next”.

Workspace Name

  1. Click on browse to enter BankDemo source code location.

Browse Source

  1. Navigate to C:\Workshop\zOS-Application and click “Select Folder”.

Folder, C:\Workshop\zOS-Application consists of BankDemo application source files.

Source Location

  1. Folder C:\Workshop\zOS-Application should appear under ‘Selected’.
    • Click “Next”.

Selected Location

  1. Leave default values as it is and click on “Build”.

Add Files

Please be patient!! Workspace is being created and components are being imported into Micro Focus EA. Once completed, default dashboard should be displayed.

EA Dashboard

  1. Toggle the repository view from ‘Folders’ to ‘Types’ and click on the ‘+’ sign of EA-LAB folder.
    • Components grouped by its category should be displayed along with the individual object counts in the graph.

Components Count