Portability Assessment Report

Portability Assessment lets you quickly generate HTML reports to identify points of interest for the migrations. All reports are presented under an easy to navigate from the main page.

  1. From the menu bar, under “Reports”, select “Migration Report” -> “Portability Assessment” report.

Launch Portability Assessment

  1. Leave default values as it is. Click “Start” and “OK”

Start Portability Assessment

  1. Portability assessment job should successfully submit to the queue. Please be patient!!! Report should be created in a minute.
    • Once the report was created, double click on the report in ‘Activity Log’.

Portability Assessment Report

  1. Portability Assessment report should be opened successfully.
    • Click on the ‘Assessment’ tab to know the portability issues between Mainframe and Micro Focus platform.

Portability Assessment Report Index page

4.1. Click on the ‘Supported System Programs’ to view the list of system programs supported by the Micro Focus environment.

System Supported Programs

4.2. Click on the ‘Unsupported System Programs and without FDS’ to view the list of system programs not supported in the Micro Focus environment and no FDS (field development solution) available in Micro Focus.

Un-supported System Programs w/o FDS

4.3. Click on the ‘Conversion Requirements’ to view the modules requiring a conversion from assembler to another format.

Conversion Required Programs

  • Close the Micro Focus EA application.