Verify Source Code

Verification process parses the application source files and generates inventory metadata and object model.

  1. Now, analyze the components:
    • Right click on the EA-LAB workspace folder.
    • Select Verify.

Micro Focus EA shortcut

  1. Verification process should start successfully. Please be patient!!! The process will take couple of minutes to complete.
    • To view the verification status, click on the ‘Queue Processor’ icon present on the taskbar.

Verification Process

  1. Observe the overall progress and no. of component being processed in the queue. After few seconds, you should be able to see the status of each program in the ‘Activity Log’.

At any given point of time, neither click on the cancel nor close buttons.

Workspace Name

  1. Upon successful verification, you should be able to see the ‘Cyclomatic Complexity’ and ‘Object Type’ graph in the Interactive chart window.

    Successful verification is indicated by the successful execution of ‘Quit’ method at bottom of the Activity log.

Verification Completed

  1. Change ‘Interactive Chart View’ to ‘Report Chart View’. Each graph has its own significance:
    • Object types: Displays inventory count by each component type (COBOL, copybooks, JCLs, BMS ASM).
    • Inventory Report: Displays verification status by each component type.
    • Complexity Report: Lines of code per programming levels.

Report View

  1. Under Activity Log -> Click on the ‘Result’ column to sort the warning messages. Ensure, warning messages were displayed on top of the Activity Log.

Warning Messages

Ignore warning message for & BANKDEMOG.csd. They are optional to fix for this lab. You will address other two errors in the next section.